Saturday, September 15, 2012

this early fall.

This early fall, we've been loving...

- chilly walks at {our} park
- the rare mornings of breakfast together {on a weekend, no less!}
- enjoying garden cherries from the farmers market {a work treat}
- my newest undertaking {a mentorship program for junior & senior high at our church}
- the smell of fall - always an addiction {fall candles from bath & body works}
- football game days at Bethel {!}
- beautiful happy flowers from my husband {daisies are a fave}
- my favorite cuddly blanket {plaid - just screams fall}
- pumpkin bread {need i say more}
I'm trying to take it slowly on the fall madness. I haven't been able to stay off pinterst as of late, and my brain is brimming with ideas.... now it's just a matter of... well, time. I so dearly wish that I could implement every single one of them. So, here's a taste of whats to come. I'm really hoping to do some diy decorating around here soon!
Happy fall beginnings! Hope your'e enjoying the change of season as much as I am. :) Looking forward to some cooler temps next week! I hear high 60's are in our future. Mmmm.

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  1. Love your DIY arrangement! Nice work! I'm a fellow Pinterest-crazed person. :)