Thursday, August 6, 2015

a weekend in chicago

I'm only about a month late to the party, but punctuality is no longer the name of the game around here. :) Jared and I had an absolutely fabulous time celebrating our FIVE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY this past month... (can it really be?!) with a weekend in Chicago. We left Bennett back home with Nana & Papa and (although we did miss him) it was so great to do something that Jared and I love again, just the two of us... travel and explore. 

Keeping in our usual fashion, we logged 30 miles on foot in the two full days we were there. It's slightly exhausting, but we just love exploring the city that way. I had been on a quick trip to Chicago years ago for a volleyball tournament, and Jared on a family vacation, but both of us saw new things, remembered some things, and made some awesome new memories of our own. 

We did so many typical touristy things - Millennium park, Willis tower, Giordano's pizza, a sunset river cruise, Navy pier... but we were also excited that some things like the Taste of Chicago were around that we could enjoy. And when you walk that much around the city there are always off the beaten track things to find... (like awesome donut shoppes). ;)

Our first taste of fried rattlesnake at Taste of Chicago .... could have fooled me for spicy sausage!

I made it about 30 seconds on this thing. Nailed it.

A favorite memory was the evening we spent on a sunset river cruise, finishing up on lake Michigan as the sun was setting. The view of the city was absolutely spectacular, and both Jared and I really enjoyed learning about all the architecture along the way, also.

I'm super thankful for this guy. 

When we travel he takes the time and effort to research all our options - whether it's sights, routes, public transit, or where I can get my Starbucks. :) He is my favorite travel buddy, and every time we take a trip - whether its to Hawaii or to the midwest - I am reminded time and time again how blessed I am to have such a loving companion to do life with. 

And being that we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary - we did not shy away from our favorite treats...

When in Chicago.... remember this name.... Glazed and infused. You'll thank me later.

One of our last stops was the Lincoln Park zoo. It was free (bonus!) and they had some pretty fun animals that you can't see every day here at our zoos. Kangaroos, rhinos... and way better habitats for the lions, giraffes, and zebras that can be kind of hard to spot here. My two favorites of this little trip.... they were just stunning to look at up close.

I am so super thankful that Jared and I were able to take a little getaway - 5 years is something to celebrate, and it really felt like we did. I love you, babe! Thanks for a very memorable, fun, busy, tasty, and joy-filled trip! To many more...



*photo courtesy Fishtale photography

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