Tuesday, December 3, 2013

giving thanks.

Hi, friends! From what I have seen and heard, it looks like you all had great thanksgivings! Ours was no different -  filled with both sides of our family, food, extended weekends, and remembering all the little and big reasons we have to be thankful! 

From 36 Johnsons on Thursday to an intimate 7 on Saturday, we had 2 Thanksgiving dinners, plenty of catching up, hugs, nephew snuggles, games, a little bit of shopping, and pajama time. :) As I am still reading my book "one thousand gifts" I have started my list of thankfuls, and it couldn't have fallen at a better season. It is so good for me right now to be consciously listing out the ways I have been blessed. So here's a smattering of our thanksgiving - in bits and pieces as I actually didn't pick up my camera as much as I expected. 

{grandma's dinner rolls - everyone's favorite.}
{our family and grandma. we love you!}
{the drive to and from Storden gets me every time. I simply love the openess of the country.}
{uncle del and aunt karen. wish you guys lived closer!!}

{this guy and his sweet grandma. they have super special hugs.}
{dave and jared ran a turkey trot thursday morning. in frigid wind!}
{thankful every single day for my husband and how he loves me!}
{morning snuggles with carter}

{friday shopping with my mom. one of the funnest parts of our adult friendship.}
{brunch with friends. so good to have you back for a short bit annie + steve!}
{when you're in grad school, car time = precious study time.}
{cheering on the boys on saturday. off to round 3 they go! #BURoyals #goBU}

{a beautiful family. I think of how blessed I am to marry into this... so many of my clients dread the holidays, spending time with family is a chore to them and something to just "get through." I am blessed to say I can't even relate to that. We shared some of these thoughts together in the group, and I only echo them again. This is a huge thankful in  my life. 

{and on that same note... this house, these parents, these friends, that dog. This is my home, and I am so thankful for the upbringing I have had here. I am reminded again and again of the rarity of my family, and it is a gift that I did not ask for, choose, but was graciously blessed with.}

I am striving this year to downsize these next few weeks in preparation for a peaceful, thankful, and calm Christmas. With the busyness of Jared's schedule right now {more on that later}, we are nixing the outdoor lights, minimizing our indoor decor, and trying to balance our hearts to prepare for this Christmas season. 

As the Thanksgiving "season" fades out and the Christmas season rolls in, I hope you are able to keep on being thankful, being reminded daily that it is a lifestyle of thanksgiving that brings true joy, rather than the hype of the season. Be blessed, friends!

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