Sunday, September 20, 2015

bennett | five months

Oh sweet boy, as it turns out, you have made living life is much more fun than writing about living life.... :) Hence, this blog has changed dramatically over the course of the last few months, as it should, but I am really hoping that I can maintain some semblance of consistency to document all your changes and our family's shenanigans!

So, 5 months in, and I haven't really started your baby book, I haven't printed pictures for walls, daddy's office, grandparents... you didn't get a 3 month blog, 4 month pictures weren't even taken.... BUT... in the madness of these past two months, we have moved into a wonderful new home, you have learned so many new things, we have gotten dinners made, laundry done, and the floors occasionally vacuumed. Baths taken, grocery shopping conquered, clothes folded, gone on walks, and read LOTS of books. So - all in all - the important stuff. :) You are such a joy and a light, and we love doing life with you in tow.

You were 5 months old this past week, Bennett, and your daddy and I couldn't be more in love with you!

\\ you love to roll like a pill bug - knees up, feet in the air - over to your tummy you go. And usually you stay there. No huge desire to roll onto your back, so that hasn't been mastered yet.

\\ sitting in your bumbo seat or your johnny jump up are huge highlights to your day. you watch super intently as we eat when you're sitting on top of the table with us. I think some "solids" are in your very near future.

\\ 98% of the time, you are a rockstar in the nightime sleep department, sleeping 10-12 hours straight through. the 2% has been happening this week, and we aren't really sure whats up, but occasionally you'll wake up 1-2 times in the middle of the night. We're hoping we can get back to the 98% here quickly. ;)

\\ naps still rank up there with shots for you..... *insert gritting teeth emoji*.... you're not a great daytime napper, so we try to be thankful that you sleep so well at night. 

\\ you use your voice constantly! we love hearing your chatter - you tell the best stories! We can coax them out of you by interacting with you and talking back to you. You really respond to that. But your tired chatter is equally as enjoyable. A monotone, rhythmic coo, to pacify yourself. So cute - especially in the car at 6:30 in the morning on our way to drop off at Nanas! It makes me smile the whole way.

\\ You love your stroller and being outside. It's the first thing we do if you're having an off day. Get outside and your'e a happy camper! The trees, the wind, the noise... it's all good in your book!

\\ you can now grab toys with intention - you haven't had the hugest desire for toys up until now. You would much rather interact with people face to face to "play," but it's been nice to have you hold a toy now and enjoy it for a little bit. 

\\ you still love your paci - I'm sure at some point we'll have to break you of that, but right now it's a nice little tool to have in our back pocket.

\\ we haven't quite kicked your baby acne yet, although it seems like sometimes it's gone, it usually comes back a little bit here and there.

\\ your eyes have only gotten bluer. and oh, we pray that they stay. they are so beautiful.

\\ we know that you have grown a lot since last month - it seemed like you'd gotten bigger, but when some of your shorts that used to be snug were a bit baggy around the waist - we thought to measure you - and you've grown almost 4 inches in 1 month! Getting some height on you already!

\\ you're turning into a little snuggler which we love. you haven't always been this way so we are drinking it in! 

\\ you love being naked! we can't really trust you for longer than a minute though - but you're so happy when we take your diaper off that sometimes we push our luck and let you wiggle around. You haven't burned us yet - so don't make a liar out of me tomorrow! ;)

\\ you grabbed Sami's fur for the first time last week - got a good fistful and didn't let go. She did a good leap from where she was laying next to you on the floor - and was no worse for the wear - and she'll have to get used to it!

\\ you sleep half the time on your back, and half the time on your stomach. You usually end up sleeping better when you're on your tummy, but we like being able to see your face when your'e on your back. Not much we can do about it now that you're mobile, though!

\\ your favorite forms of entertainment are fake sneezes, playing "boo," when we make your lion and giraffe fake sneeze, being tickled, the butterflies on your playmat, oh, and did I mention fake sneezes? This month's smiley pictures brought to you by Jared's convincing achoos.

Another month is in the books, and we have really been trying to drink in each moment with you. The wonderful ones and the trying ones. And goodness gracious there are both! We pray daily for you, squish! We love you so much!

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