Friday, May 15, 2015

bennett | one month

Hi, guys! We can hardly believe that today is Bennett's one month birthday! He has taken us on such a roller coaster of experiences these past 4 weeks... but I think I can confidently say that we are out of the "cloud" and feeling more human these days. :) 

He has brought us so much joy, and every day that he gets bigger we are learning new things about him and his personality. So... here we are. One month in and SO many fun things to report and remember! We are overjoyed by you Bennett David. We love watching you grow!

{bennett at one month}

... I wake up every three hours to eat. Almost to the minute! And I might have a small patience problem when I realize it's time to eat that mom and dad say we might have to work on when I get bigger....

... I love to stare out the window. Especially when I should be concentrating on burping or eating.

... I really like my swing. It makes it easier when mom has to scarf down lunch in between my feedings!

... I'm kind of a lazy eater. My doctor says it's because I was born early and didn't know how yet, and that I wasn't strong enough to do it well. Mom and dad worked really hard with me this month to help me learn, and some parts of it worked and some didn't. I still get really impatient when mom feeds me (but we still do it anyways!) so then I get a bottle of mom's milk after I nurse which I LOVE. I don't love when it's gone, or when mom makes me slow down to burp. Then I get to sit in my swing while mom pumps. She tells me it's kind of a long process but I don't mind. I get a full tummy out of the deal!

... Just last week I used up the rest of my preemie diapers and made the jump to the "big boy" newborn diapers! Yahoo! Although I am tiny, I am really gaining weight well, and mom (and the scale) say I'm getting heavier! I'm still wearing newborn clothes, but my arms and legs are long, so it might be sooner than later that I can start to wear some of my bigger stuff!

... I have some baby acne that everyone tells me is normal. Mom was sad about it at first but she got over it pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure the rest of my skin is super super soft though - otherwise I'm not sure why mom and dad touch it so much. 

... I can sleep through anything during the day. I love noise around me... sometimes the busier the environment the better. Mom vacuums, and runs the Vitamix when I'm sleeping in the dining room next to her and the dog goes crazy at (who knows what) outside and I can "zzzz" right through it. 

... Car rides are one of my favorite things! It's a super comfy spot to nap - and mom and dad seem so happy when I do!

... I love love love my hands and arms. Flailing around, by my face, in my mouth, holding my ears... waving my arms in the air... I think I might follow in my Grandma Johnson's footsteps, go into music, and become a conductor. 

... Mom and dad call me lots of names: Benny-bear, Bubba, Benster... and my favorite: Squeaks. That one's pretty self-explanatory.

... I'm doing pretty good in the sleeping at night department. I decided to stop playing around and cut mom and dad a break in between feedings and go to sleep. I kind of got the message when they moved me out of their room when I was 2.5 weeks old. 

... I love being held and talked to. I'm awake a good amount during the day, and staring at eyes and mom and dads face and following voices is a favorite pastime of mine. 

... I can smirk! Both mom and dad saw it on mothers day, and they ooh-ed and ahh-ed over me for so long I just kept 'em coming. Gotta give the people what they want! 

... I don't love being swaddled. Nobody can tame my crazy arms. 

... I do love being in just my diaper.

... I don't love laying on my back.

... I do love the occasional pacifier.

... and who can forget sleeping? I do love my naps. 

Happy one month birthday, sweet Bennett! We love you oh so much!

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  1. He is adorable Skyler! Your first weeks sound like mine with Jackson. Nursing was hard so I ended up pumping and giving a bottle for a long time. We stocked up and put a bunch in the freezer so he got "mommy milk" for a long time. We just do whats best for our little ones! Jackson also had baby acne and we had to trap his little hands in mittens since he liked to scratch. Anyway, you are doing awesome and he is so cute! I'm getting baby fever over here. :)